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Who We Are

The Santa Cruz County Youth Resource Bank (YRB) is a non-profit (501c 3), all-volunteer organization working with professionals in our community—social workers, teachers, and public health nurses—to meet the needs of at-risk youth in Santa Cruz County. YRB provides funding and items such as backpacks, sports equipment, school supplies, clothing, and so much more. YRB believes that small things can make a big difference in the life of a child.

How It Works

YRB accepts requests from organizations and professionals working in the community with at-risk youth, including teachers, public health nurses, social workers, and juvenile counselors. These are the people who understand the patchwork of programs and systems, and who know when a child has fallen between the cracks and needs a little help without red tape. Because of our network of referrals, the YRB serves many children and young adults not covered by various systems and agencies.


YRB does not accept requests from the general public. When a request is received, it is quickly reviewed and if the request meets basic requirements (assistance to a child in a situation in which there are no other immediately available resources, typically up to $150 per child), YRB fills the request with, for example, a check to a science camp or gym fee, a Ross or Safeway gift card, providing a quick and specific response to an acute need.

YRB serves many children and young adults not covered by various state, county and city programs. YRB typically receives five or more requests for assistance per week, the vast majority of which are fulfilled without delay, red tape or hassle.


The YRB is funded through gifts of generous donors and sponsors. YRB is operated entirely by a volunteer board with almost no overhead, so the money we raise goes directly to those who need it, “a dollar in is a dollar out” to the children in our community!